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Waste reduction leads to new business opportunities

Does you business generate mountains of waste costs and is the volume increasing by the year? Then we have good news for you. We get the waste out of your organization and turn it into business opportunities for yourself and others.

By digging into your waste streams, we create value with circularity. Circularity makes your organisation more resilient to scarcity of resources, helps you find new markets, business opportunities and avoids waste. Our research matches it with circular solutions that are beneficial to your own supply chain as well. This way you can save 5-18% on your operational costs, or even get paid for it.

Would you finally get rid of your increasing costs, waste volume or start with circular procurement? Call (+31)(0)26-8401767 or subscribe below, and you have a first appointment within a week.

Our approach and costs

While our first priority is to help you reduce waste and make your organization more resilient, our second is to ensure a continuous stream of reusable and basic materials to manufacturers all over Europe. This is the only way we can make circularity work, get you paid handsomely for your waste and help you to lower operational costs. 

Our sponsors pay half the price of our research, which consists of an online  assessment of your waste streams and matching it with innovative manufacturers. For small business to micro enterprises ( assets <350k ) the costs for our research are 795 Euros only ( excluding VAT for Dutch customers ). Larger organizations receive a price quote.


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