Make it Circular.

We turn your waste into a valuable asset

Are you paying more and more for the collection and disposal of industrial waste that arises from your production and maintenance process? We can change that by making it circular. While there are no exhibitions or trade shows, Circular innovations are amongst the strongest and most beneficial developments of our time. Our research reduces industrial waste, improves your business and helps you to recover your assets.

Instead of paying for your waste collection, we get a larger part removed for free and by making it circular, a good part of it can probably be reused in your own organisation. While you save 5-18% on operational costs, we look for possibilities to reuse your waste as a new raw material for the production of sustainable goods and more. Depending on your operations, up to half your waste can disappear within 5 months.

Do you finally want to get rid of those high waste costs? Subscribe to our research and you will have a first appointment within a week. 

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Waste reduction

5 months

Lower operational cost


Annual Market growth




A circular strategy improves your supply chain

Trash incineration releases 2,5 times as much carbon dioxide CO2 to make the same amount of electricity as a coal plant. While scarcity of resources threathens many businesses, waste becomes an opportunity for many. If we only look to scientists to develop more sustainable production methods and just recycle waste, circularity will still not work. Unfortunately, what people think of as recycling is often the beginning of waste processing and thus a missed opportunity.

Much more positive impact on waste reduction and the supply chain is possible if we repair, refurbish, test and upgrade durable manufacturing goods and use these experiences to develop better products. This is how asset management, waste management and compliance work together for a better business, less waste and a cleaner world for future generations. 

Put a circular strategy on your agenda

While time is of the essence for 2030 and the advantages for stakeholder management are clear, the introduction of a different strategy into the industrial supply chain and implementation into your maintenance protocol is not an easy task. Circular matchmakers uses knowledge management to enter into discussions with individuals, teams and interest groups all over Europe. Our insights help you to move further. 

Wether you have an actual meeting of a users group, with your maintenance team, in your boardroom, exhibition or  online, feel free to contact us and we will be there. You can use our contact form or call us at +31(0)26 840 1767 . 

Vetted suppliers

Suppliers are only then recommended to you after passing various quality and vetting stages. Our knowledge management  matches them with your operations. Depending on your selected criteria and their capabilities - even down to component level - you will be able to choose, interview and send suppliers your inquiries directly or invite them for tenders.

Risk management

Our centralized and tamper-proof system, guides and monitors the qualification process of suppliers. We ensure that this is updated annually. Member companies are aware of the high standards of our vetting process and we actively encourage them to make adjustments to their profile. With critical aspects assessed, this contributes to an overall improvement of your supply chain.

Vendor Compliance

Our knowledge management enables vendors who are part of our network to meet your criteria and upgrade their process so that it matches your guidelines, international laws and procurement policy. A thorough assessment of terms and conditions is part of our qualification process. Adjustments in regulations are actively shared to ensure an optimized process.

Cost reduction

Our protocol is based on long-standing experience with international suppliers from the oil, gas and energy sectors in addition to utility, steel and paper milling industries. We make it our mission to contribute to an improved customer service and high customer satisfaction between parties by putting in place a compliance program that avoids the typical pitfalls and reduces the needless time spent on sourcing, onboarding, registration, warranty cases, claims and disputes.

Through our validated business intelligence you will be able to develop and quickly improve your supply chain in order to satisfy your needs.

Circularity means sustainability

Maintenance teams typically tend to choose a service for industrial spare parts or machine consumables to their supply chain only because there are no other solutions left. This is often the case as soon as a machine or process becomes technically obsolete.

Circular Matchmakers encourages you to embrace qualified services as an integral part of your procurement protocol much sooner in the technical lifetime because these are more sustainable, cost saving, risk mitigating and- very often- offer a quicker solution. Let us surprise you by our network’s know-how and engineering expertise.

Knowledge management

We are a knowledge management company and connect you with services that add value to maintenance and operations.

Our qualification system matches buyers with qualified vendors to quickly improve their circular strategy. Just like circularity itself, our monitoring is a continuous and endless loop which improves visibility and gives you more control over your industrial supply chain.

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