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Vendor Information packs

As a buyer or compliance manager in Europe's top sectors, circular procurement can be a giant task. While you improve your supplier network we make selecting new vendors easy and provide transparent business information. In addition to our research, our information packs contain validated information for quick supplier onboarding and are specific to your industrial sector. If you are looking for knowledge about innovations,  improve your circular strategy with new suppliers or enhance your asset management you came to the right place: all vendors in our network are prequalified.

As a result of our research, we inform you about circular innovations that apply to asset management as well. Based on the result we match you with buyers of waste materials, lifetime extension and repair services. For high impact on maintenance and operations we also look at industrial spare parts, machinery and machine consumables. And we provide validated information about all vendors

Improve your business with circular services

Circular services have a high impact on sustainability, which can be a combination of cost and lifetime extension. We match based on your procurement protocol which ensures easy supplier onboarding.

Redefine your business procurement model

Circular buying is becoming a hot topic because of scarcity. If you have a problem to solve with asset management, we can help you look across sectors to find solutions and new vendors.

Reduce operational waste

Our research is an assessment that reduces operational waste. Based on the results, we find value in waste by finding waste buyers, innovators and may introduce impactful circular services that benefit your operations. We do that by making proper, managed introductions.

Easy supplier onboarding

Buyers and compliance managers across European top sectors use our network to reduce waste stay ahead of innovations, find it easy to select new vendors, solutions and repair shops that match their operations and enjoy easy supplier onboarding. This is the outcome of our research. Interested ? Simply register below !

Our supplier onboarding and information services:

Supplier onboarding

  • Company data

  • Service Scope analysis & selection

  • Testing capabilities

  • Warranty analysis

  • Service overview

  • GDPR compliance check

  • Terms & conditions check

  • Sector matching & selection

  • Plant type matching & selection

  • Machine type matching & selection

  • Product type / brand level matching & selection

  • Partnumber matching

  • Cross-sector service sourcing

  • Financial Report

  • ISO verification

  • Service quality analysis

  • Service scope analysis

  • Contact information of key personnel

  • Risk & reputation indicators

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